New security features for Office 365

Microsoft has some good news for Office 365 subscribers like myself. They’re adding new security features to our accounts. The first feature I’ll look at is called Files Restore. It’s been available to those with Business accounts but is a new feature for home users.

This feature allows you to restore your entire OneDrive to a previous point in time during the last 30 days. If you accidentally delete files, a file becomes corrupt, or you’re attacked by ransomware, this can be a lifesaver.


You can choose the date or event you wish to go back to.


Office 365 will also now be able to detect signs of ransomware attacks and send you alerts via phone or email. You’ll then be guided through the recovery process.


When you share links in OneDrive, you’ll now be able to password protect them for an added layer of security.


Send email via and you’ll have the option of encrypting it as well as the ability to lock emails so they can’t be forwarded.  Any Office documents you attach to these messages will also remain encrypted after they’re downloaded.


These new features will be gradually rolling out over the next few weeks.



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