209 Cool Things to Do in Pennsylvania

So, I moved to the center of Pennsylvania, and I bet you can guess from the title that I’ve been looking for fun things to do here.

When you arrive, there are two ways to get started. The first is to click the Cities button and select a city to start with. The second is just to scroll down the page and look at the different features like Unusual Attractions, Unique Food & Drink, or Explore Pennsylvania.

I selected the first option because I wanted to look for cool stuff to do either near where I live or work. One attraction I know of from my commute is Penn’s Cave, so I was happy to see that pop up when I checked out State College.

Penn’s Cave, the website describes as “a quarter-mile subterranean waterway with ornate limestone formations and a bat colony, all underneath a working farm.” Sounds pretty cool to me! I’ll have to add it to my list of places to explore this summer.

Each location offers images, a map, and a description of what you’ll find there.

If you’re curious about what you can do in Pennsylvania, check this out!



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