Are you looking for work you can do from home? Do you have excellent grammar and listening skills? Then maybe, transcription is the freelance work for you.

I was looking for some extra side hustle to bring in extra cash and discovered Rev. It’s a site that lets you do transcription work from home (and is legitimate). To get started you’ll need to apply to become a freelancer.

Start by entering your name and email address and then you’ll take the online test to see if you qualify to be a transcriptionist. The test took me about an hour to complete. Protip: Slow the audio down in the player so you can transcribe accurately. After that you wait to see if you’re accepted.

Once you’ve been accepted as a freelancer, you’ll do some training exercises to get familiarized with the transcription process. You will get paid for completing this training. Then more options for transcription will appear in your docket, claim them, and earn money.

You’ll get paid directly to your Paypal account every Monday. I enjoy that I can make a few extra dollars here and there as I have time. I mean every little bit helps, right? I’d like to work up to transcribing about 10 hours a week but so far that hasn’t fit in my schedule.


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  1. Thanks, great opportunity here. Many doctors record notes for a client visit. These recordings are then transcribed for patient record. This type work is a terrific opportunity.

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