Sync Google Calendar with PC

Syncing your phone calendar with your Windows 10 calendar is a great convenience. A reader wants the scoop on how to accomplish it.

“When I enter an activity on my Android calendar how can I get it to automatically go on my PC desktop W10 calendar?”

I”m assuming you’re using the built-in calendar app that comes with Windows 10, so all you really need to do is sync it with your Google calendar. (If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need to sync your iCloud calendar.) Your Google calendar is already available on your PC, just by opening a browser and visiting the Gmail site, but here’s how to integrate it into your Windows 10 calendar.

First, type Calendar in the Start Menu search box and click on the result.


The calendar will open.


Then click on the Settings gear at the bottom left.


A Settings pane will open on the right. Choose Manage Accounts.


Then Add account.


Select the Calendar you wish to add. If you have an Android phone, choose Google (for an iPhone, you’ll choose iCloud.)



Enter your Gmail address (or your Apple or Yahoo address) and password.


Give permission for Windows to access the account.


You’ll now see your Google Calendar listed.


And appointments entered on your phone will automatically be added to your Windows 10 calendar.


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  1. Cyn, thank you so much for helping me with my computer problem yesterday (a Sunday!) going back and forth with me troubleshooting throughout the day. You are a very caring professional and I am so grateful for your help.

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