Who’s behind Nomorobo?

I told you about the free NomoRobo service that blocks automated calls at no charge for landlines. You can click here to read that article. But a reader had a question:

“Who sponsors (or supports) Nomorobo? How do they support their services? How do they block robo-calls?”


Nomorobo blocks calls by using a simultaneous ring, which means your number will ring to more than one phone at a time. When the first phone picks up, the ringing stops. When a NomoRobo number is set as one of those phones, it can use their highly sophisticated software to screen the call and pass legitimate calls on to you. If it’s an illegal robo-call, the service hangs up and you never get the call.  With this service enabled, you do need to wait for the second ring to answer the call.

The service came about when creator Aaron Foss won a Federal Trade Commission contest to develop solutions to telephone spam. He initially tried to offer the tech to phone carriers, but they weren’t interested. So, he decided to start his own company, using the simultaneous ring feature offered by many phones services.

Nomorobo is free for home users, but there’s a fee for businesses and other organizations. Places like EMS services are willing to pay for the service to keep their lines from being clogged by robo-calls.

You can check it out here:


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  1. So many people complaining about this these days…saying the Do Not Call Registry doesn’t work for them. Sharing this to them.

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