It feels like everyone I know is currently looking for a job. My roommate is still trying to find better work (she has a part-time but it’s really full time without benefits and crappy hourly rate job currently), and my friends who are in library school have entered the job market, so I’ve been looking at a lot of job sites.

Of all the sites I’ve run across Vettery was worth sharing. It lets you make a profile for free, and then the sites matching algorithm will show your profile to companies that are looking for folks with your skillset. Right now, it looks like they’re focused on matching people with skills in technology, finance, or sales. I found this helping some library friends looking for technology jobs rather than regular library gigs.

When you sign up it will ask you to pick one of those categories (when you click them they’ll list examples of the kinds of jobs that fall into that category) and then fill out a form with your contact information and create a password.

After that, you’ll flesh out your profile, add your work experience, and then sit back and wait for the matches to happen.

If you’re looking for work in those categories you should definitely give Vettery a try.


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