Paint 3D – Fun with shapes and stickers

We’ve been looking at Paint 3D, the new image editor that’s now part of Windows 10, all week. Today, I thought we’d have a little fun and play with some shapes.

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Now, let’s open up Paint 3D and have some fun! Remember, no special skill is required. I’m just clicking with a mouse here. You could also tap a touchpad or use a touchscreen.

We’ll start off by opening up Paint 3D and clicking the 3D Shapes icon at the top of the page.


A pane will open on the right with some shape selection to choose from. I’m going to select the 3D model of a woman.


To add our model to the canvas, I just select it and then click and drag on the blank canvas until it’s the size I want.


Next, I’ll choose Edit color.


We’ll go for some gold here. Plus I will also select the polished metal surface.


Look how nice and shiny she is.


I’m going to grab the handles with the arrows and play around with moving her in space.


Since it’s a 3D object, I can rotate it however I like. We can even turn it around.


If I click Effects at the top ribbon, I can change the lighting on my object. I can select a color of light and the position.


If I select the Copy function, I can copy my little gold lady to add to another image later.


I opened up a new image and pressed Ctrl + V to paste the object. Then I grabbed the handles to adjust her position in the image.


There she is.


Let’s click on the icon for a make 3D model and make her a friend.  We can add him straight into the image.


Click Stickers from the top menu.


And you’ll have some fun shapes to choose from.


The stickers can be rotated as 3D objects in order to fit in with the picture.


I’ve also chosen to add some pets. Note that the 3D objects can be rotated however you want.


I hope you’ll try out Paint 3D! It’s not hard to use and you can get some fun results. And don’t forget, it does those regular old cropping and resizing tasks as well.

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