I received an email from a blogger named Maria Geer. She noticed that we’ve featured several sewing sites as CoolSites over the years and wanted to know if we’d like to feature her beginning sewing guide. Before featuring any site, we like to check it out. I gotta say, I was impressed.

It says in the About section, ” The purpose of this website is to provide you with sewing tips, review the latest products and most importantly, build a community for us to express our love for sewing.” From what I’ve seen, the site lives up to that promise. Today, I’m focusing the beginning sewing guide, but there’s a whole lot of other great resources for those who enjoy sewing.

The beginner’s guide includes a history of sewing, a guide to basic stitches, advice for planning a project, a list of essential tools plus guides to selecting needles, thread, and fabric. One great tip: what types of fabrics for beginners to avoid.

I sewed a lot as a kid and have been thinking about getting back into it. This site seems like a great jumping off point.