A reader is concerned about an email she received about her Yahoo Mail account.

“I got an email from Yahoo about new Privacy rules they want to accept. If I don’t will I no longer be able to use their mail.”

I understand your hesitancy to respond to an email like this. As we all know, there are a whole lot of scammers out there. I this case, it’s legitimate.



You can verify by going to Yahoo. Click here to access on Yahoo’s site. 

Here’s what’s happening. The original Yahoo company sold off all of its email and online interests to focus on its share of the Chinese import company Alibaba. Verizon purchased Yahoo, along with AOL, the Huffington Post and several other sites and put all of those properties together under an company called Oath. Since Oath is a new entity they are required to update you on their new privacy rules in order for you to keep on using the service.

I highly suggest reading all the material on the privacy rules available at the link. I will say that they don’t very much from the previous Yahoo privacy rules or the privacy rules you’ll find for any other email provider.

The most notable changes is that your date will now be shared with Verizon.  Click here to learn Verizon’s privacy policies.

The data gathered when you use any of their services  across all of your devices will now all be combined.

You’re also agreeing that if you get into a disagreement with Yahoo over anything, you’ll agree to third-party arbitration.

You will have to agree to these new terms of service to continue using Yahoo Mail. If you don’t care for them, it’s time to find another email provider. But make sure you read the privacy terms first before finalizing your choice.