Straighten out my Safari bookmarks

A reader needs some help straightening out his bookmarks in Safari.

“I have one BIG mess with my bookmarks in Safari I have a Mac desktop.  In my Favorites, under Bookmarks, I have the following: Favorites, Imported 2/20/13, From Internet Explorer, Links, Firefox, and Yahoo Web sites. In the last 2 or 3 weeks when I bookmark a website, they are not listed under my Favorites. I cannot find them. Also, how do I get all the above titles, consolidated under one list of Favorites and do away with all these other titles?”

My guess is that you may have been adding those new bookmarks to a different folder. The default folders in Safari are Favorites and New Bookmarks. Try clicking on New Bookmarks to see if that’s where they’re showing up.


To bookmark a page, click Bookmarks at the top of Safari and choose Add Bookmark.


You’ll see which folder new bookmarks are going to.


If that’s not your preferred folder, click the blue arrow and choose the folder you prefer from the drop-down menu.


Here’s how to consolidate your folders. Click Bookmarks at the top and choose Edit Bookmarks.


This window will open. Select the folder you wish to move items from and click the arrow beside it to see the contents.


Select the bookmark you want to move by clicking on it (or bookmarks using the shift key) and drag them to the Favorites folder.


To delete an unwanted folder, press the Control key and right-click. Then select Delete from the menu.









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