This site offers a business name generator. All you have to do is provide it with a couple of keywords and it will do the rest. This is a great way to think up a business name if you’re having trouble coming up with something.

For example: I typed in knitting, pop culture, gamer, craft, and rawr, then clicked the button and it generated a ton of names for me to choose from. A few of my favorites were: knitpop, craftpunk, knit talk, pop craft, knit wire, rpgcraft, and craftian.

If there’s something coming up that you don’t like, you can eliminate it by putting it into the negative keywords and regenerating the names. For example: it kept adding cruft into the names. Cruft is a jargon word that is most often used to describe badly designed, useless, or crappy code or software. I wouldn’t want that associated with my brand. So, I put it into the negative keywords, regenerated and it disappeared from the names being generated.

What’s cool is not only does it generate names, it also shows you them in different colors and fonts, so you can get a feel for what a brand identity for that name might look like.

This is a fun way to generate a business name or brand identity. Go check it out for yourself today!


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