Send a group message in Messenger

All of the best tips start with a real-life situation like this message from my husband. He wanted to create a group message in Facebook Messenger, but couldn’t quite figure out how. A group message is one sent to multiple people where everyone in the group can see each other’s responses.


Let’s check out how to do it with the Facebook mobile app. First, open messenger by clicking on the Messenger icon.


Here’s what it looks like. Click on Groups at the top.


When the Groups screen comes up, click the round, blue icon at the bottom right.


A screen will open with New Group at the top. Add people to your group by ticking the box by their name. You can scroll down or start typing their names in the search box to find them.


Once you add people to the group, they’ll appear at the bottom of the screen. When you’ve added everyone, click the arrow.


Now you can name the group or add a photo to represent the group.


I’ve named my group Pals.


Now, when I want to send a message. I tap the New Message icon.


Then type in the name of the new group.


Then compose your message as usual. I’ll show you how to do this using a browser tomorrow.

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