Create a Messenger Group with a browser

Yesterday, I showed you how to create a new group in Facebook Messenger using your phone. You can click here to read that article. 

A group message is one where all of the members of the group see all of the messages and responses. It can be useful for things like planning a get-together where you want everyone’s input. I recently created one where friends could discuss the latest Avengers movie without fear of spoiling the ending for those who hadn’t seen it yet.

To create one using Facebook on a browser, open Facebook and click the Message icon at the top right of the page.


Choose New Group.


The Create group window will open.


Type the name you wish to give the group at the top. Click the big + sign to add a group photo. I’m naming my group Pals.


Search for people to add in the search box or scroll down and check the box next to people you want to add.


People that you’ve added will appear in a pane on the right.


When you’ve added all the members, click Create.


When you’re ready to send the message, choose New Message.


Type in the name of the group. Select it and send your message as usual.






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