Lightning Maps

Here the U.S., summer has just begun and that means storm season is in full swing. It’s a busy time if you’re a weather watcher. I’ve found a site that allows weather nerds like myself to track lightning strikes all over the world.


Lighting strikes are symbolized by yellow and red dots. You have a choice between monitoring Europe, North America, or the region around Australia.


Click Statistics and you can check out all kind of current and historical information about lightning strikes in the region.


At the top right, you can customize your experience.


Choose to show the map position or get a link to share the map.


Turn sound notifications of strikes on or off.


Choose whether you want to see the monitoring stations on the map and how you wish to see strikes depicted.


You can also make tweaks to the map to get the perfect view for you.


It’s a fun an informative site. Check it out by clicking below.


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