A reader is having an issue loading her preferred homepage.

“I am hoping you can help with the issue I am having. I use Firefox browser and have it set up for my home page which is Comcast. The home page changes by itself to Adobe Flash Player download page. This has been going on for a long time. It happens no matter what browser I use and only happens on the Comcast homepage. I ran a malware program thinking that caused the problem, but no malware. I talked to a friend and she has the same issue.”

First, I want to congratulate you on doing your own troubleshooting. Knowing that only the Comcast page has the issue and that the issue happens in all browsers is important. Also, the fact that the same issue is happening to your friend, lets us know that it’s probably not something specifically related to your PC.

Checking around, I see that Comcast’s homepage does require Flash, which most places are swapping out for the HTML5 platform. Comcast says they’re working on an HTML5 site.

First, check to make sure you do indeed have Flash enabled on your browser. I’m tempted to say this is a Comcast issue and not on your end. But it’s also possible that you don’t use any other sites that require Flash on a regular basis. Most modern browsers disable flash by default.  Let’s try making sure it’s activated in Google Chrome. Type chrome://settings/content/flash in your Chrome address bar and hit enter.

This window will open. Go down to Allow and click on ADD. 


Type in the address for the Comcast site and choose Add.


If the Comcast site still doesn’t work and you have the very latest Flash updates. It’s possible that the Comcast site isn’t compatible with the latest version of Flash. You could try to go back to an earlier version, but that’s not a good security choice. Flash can be highly vulnerable to attack.

As I said, this could be an issue with Comcast’s page. Make sure you put in a support ticket with them. It could also be an issue that they’re working to resolve, so it might be straightened out sometime soon.