Get rid of unwanted email notifications: Facebook

Joe’s fed up with notifications from social media accounts (and who can blame him).

“How can I kill (1) Facebook, (2) Twitter, and (3) LinkedIn. I no longer have need for those apps and they clog up my email inbox. Normally, I would send them to “junk” but I would really like the accounts to disappear. I tried to delete the accounts but they don’t seem to make it easy…for obvious reasons.”

Joe, first of all, if it’s only the constant notifications from accounts that are bothering you, those can be easily turned off.¬† But I’ll also show you how to delete your FB accounts. Let’s start with controlling notifications for those who just don’t want emails.

Open Facebook in your browser and choose Settings by clicking the drop-down arrow at the top right.


Then choose notifications in the left pane.


In the right pane, under Notification Settings, choose Email.


Then select Edit.


You can then choose to turn off all notifications or just some notifications.



In the next part of the series, I’ll show you how to delete your FB account.

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