Turn off LinkedIn email notifications

I may be a little bit prejudiced against LinkedIn, but of all the social media networks out there, I think this platform has struggled the most with properly managing things like email notifications and invitations. So many of us have been mercilessly hammered with email invitations to connect. You could get rid of the account, but if you’re out there in the workforce, LinkedIn can come in handy. A better solution for you is to control the notifications. Here’s how.

First, open a browser, go to Linkedin.com and log into your account.


At the top-right, click on the drop-down arrow next to Me.


Select Setting and Privacy from the drop-down menu.


Click the Communications tab at the top-right of the page that opens.


Scroll down to Email Frequency.  Select Change.


You’ll see a list of the types of email notifications you can choose to receive including Invitations to join networks, job changes, messages from others.


Just click on the button to the right to turn them off or on.


Click the Change option next to Who can send you invitations


… and you can adjust it so only people already in your contacts list can send you invitations.


Scroll down and you can also opt out invitations to join groups or participate in research. If just stopping notifications isn’t enough and you’re ready to ditch LinkedIn entirely, I’ll show you how to do that tomorrow.



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