Create a group email message in Win 10 Mail

A reader wanted instructions for sending group email messages. If you set up a group, you can write a message once, but send it to multiple people. Examples of a group could be coworkers, grandchildren, or people who belong to your book club.

We’ll start by exploring your group options in the Windows 10 Mail app. This app doesn’t really support group messages, but you could try this workaround.


Click on the People icon at the bottom of your inbox.


When the People app opens, click the + sign to add a new contact.


Put the name of your group under Name. Under Personal email, type all of the email address you want to use. Separate them with a semi-colon, but don’t put in any spaces.  Then click Save.


When you want to send a message, just tap the + button to create a new message.


Then select the contact icon at the right of the To: field.


Type in the name of your group and select from Contacts.


Send the email as usual.



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