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A reader is looking for assistance boosting a WiFi signal.

“I’m in need of a device to boost the wifi signal from my sister’s router to my concrete block in-law suite (it’s In her house). I looked them up and called Spectrum, the wifi provider. I understand what I need to do but I can’t find the WPS button on the router to use to sync the device to the router. Spectrum just tried to sell me another router. The purpose of moving in together was to save money. Can I reset the router? This should be an easy install but…..”

While many routers support WPS setup, not all do. If your router does, you’ll see a button like this on the front, bottom, or side.


If your router doesn’t feature the WPS button, all is not lost. Many WiFi extenders also feature the option to set up using a browser and a PC. You’ll need to check the documentation for the model of WiFi extender you plan on using for specific instructions on what to do.

For your situation, you might want to also consider a long-distance WiFi antenna that plugs right into the USB port on your PC. However, if the construction of the house is such that the signal can’t get through (and it can happen), you may find yourself in need of an additional router setup.

I hope this helps. Here are some products you might want to check out. Just a reminder, this site is an Amazon associate, that means we do get a few pennies from any purchase you make through the links below.

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