Stop start-up slowdowns in Windows 7

Is your Windows 7 PC a bit slow getting started? Try this tip to find out what could be slowing it down. Press the Windows key + R.


Type msconfig and press OK.


Or type msconfig in your search box and click on the result.


The System Configuration menu will open. I’ll start by clicking the Services tab.


As I scroll down, I’m finding several services I don’t need to have running all the time.  If you aren’t familiar with what something does, you’ll need to do some research before unchecking.


Next, click the Startup tab. Follow the same procedure. Again, if you don’t know what something does, do some research before disabling.


I unchecked automatic startup for AOL updates, some printers software, iTunes, and more. Hit OK when you’ve made your selections and then restart your PC for them to take effect.


One thought on “Stop start-up slowdowns in Windows 7

  1. when i hit the windows key i get a bunch of suare boxes some i loaded. how do i copy them so i canwrie them to aother computer.
    by the way i got all you sent me. thank you.

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