Yahoo’s new look: Part 1

It’s been awhile since I did a tour of the Yahoo! inbox and there’s a new look to it. Let’s check it out. Stylistically, this incarnation of the mailbox has a lot in common with both the look of Gmail and Outlook online.


To the far upper-right of the inbox, you’ll find the icons for important functions.


Click on your name to see information about your Yahoo account. This is where you can add additional accounts to your inbox or log out.

yahoo account.jpg

Choose Add or Manage accounts and you can switch between email accounts or add an addition account.

yahoo account-add.jpg

Click the square of little dots to navigate between other sections of Yahoo. The Home button takes you back to the main Yahoo page.


Below that group of icons, you’ll find another set of icons. The first if for Yahoo Messenger.


The second is for your Contacts. Click to add or delete them.


Next, is your Yahoo Calendar.


Add events or create to-do lists.


Then we’ve got the Yahoo Notepad.


Use this feature to make notes you can access online from anywhere.


Up next is the little gear icon for Yahoo’s Settings.


Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at your options for changing Settings.



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