Yahoo’s new look: Settings

Yesterday we started a tour of Yahoo’s latest incarnation of the mail inbox.  (You can click here to read part 1 of this article.)

Today, we’ll look at Settings. To access Settings, start by clicking the gear icon at the top right of inbox.


Your first option is to adjust the look of your inbox by choosing a theme and between Light, Dark, or Medium.


Here’s the default inbox.


Here’s the same inbox with a different theme and the Dark setting. You can play around to find the combination you like best.


Scroll down and your next option is inbox layout. You can change where in the inbox messages are displayed and how many messages are displayed at one time.


For example, Here’s the list option with small spacing.


Here’s the same inbox with the message preview on the right and large spacing.


Turn on Message tabs


… and you can keep multiple messages open at once and switch back and forth between them.


Next up, we’ve got More Settings. I’ll show you how to use those options tomorrow in part 3 of our series.



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