Yahoo’s new inbox – Settings part 2

We’ve been checking out Yahoo’s new mail inbox this week. You can click here to read part 1 of our series and here to read part 2.

Today, we’ll look at more options for customizing your inbox and controlling privacy. We’ve already clicked the gear icon to open settings.


Then scrolled down to More Settings.


Click on Mailboxes to add your AOL, Outlook, Gmail, and other accounts to your Yahoo accounts. This is also where you can create a disposable account to use to sign up for newsletters and other purposes. Select Notifications to receive desktop notifications that you’ve got new mail.


Writing email is where you can add a custom signature, select a font & size, and choose your default sending address.


Viewing email allows you to select whether messages are grouped by conversation, how long before a message is marked as read, and whether or not you automatically move on to the next message after moving the one you’re reading. Vacation response allows you to turn on an automatic reply to messages.


Use Filters to sort incoming email by sender, topic, and more.  Security and Privacy allow you to control whether or not images are displayed in emails and to block certain addresses.


Social accounts allow you to link LinkedIn or Facebook accounts with Yahoo. For $35 a year, you can choose to upgrade to ad-free Yahoo Mail Pro.




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