Computer: Part 2

Yesterday, we began to explore a handy spot to handle manage your disks in Windows 7 – Computer in File Explorer. If you haven’t read the first part of that article, click here to check it out. 


Today, we’ll start by checking out the menu at the top of the Computer windows in File Explorer.


First, let’s check under Organize at the left. Just click the arrow to see your options.


Choose Layout and you can customize your view by checking or unchecking items. If something you used to be able to see suddenly goes missing, this is a good place to look to see if anything’s been unchecked.


Choose Folder and search options to adjust settings like whether it takes one or two clicks to open a folder. I’ll get more into the complete folder and search options in a future article.


Select a drive and you’ll also be able to rename it or check out the properties.


Choose Properties and the Properties windows will open to show you a wide variety of options.


Under General, you can check out the amount of free space, clean up the disk, or even compress files. Choose the Tools tab to run a disk cleanup or defrag the disk. Hardware offers information about each of the drives you use with your PC.  While Sharing allows you to share files on a network. Security allows you to control permissions for individual drives. Previous Versions lets you take a look at your restore points and Quota allows you to choose how much hard drive space each individual user can take up on the drive.


System properties shows you information like what type of processor your PC is using, how much memory you have, whether you have a 64-bit or 32-bit OS, and even find your Windows product ID.


Select Uninstall or change a program to view a full list of everything installed on your PC. Here you can choose to uninstall any program and in some cases, like Microsoft Office, run repair features.


Map Network Drive allows you to share a file with a network of computers and Open Control Panel will open Control Panel and give you access to all of its options.




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