Folder Options in Windows 7

The Folder Options in Windows allow you to customize how you handle files and folders. They work a bit differently in Windows 7 compared to Windows 10. I’ll show you how to use them in Windows 7 in this article and Windows 10 in a future article. Start by typing Folder Options into the search box.


This window will open. Under the General tab, you have several options. Under Browse folders you can choose whether or not you want a new window to open in File Explorer when you open a file or if you want to have multiple files open at the same time.


Be careful, though. You can end up with a whole bunch of windows open if you’re looking at multiple files.


You can also choose whether you want files to open with a single-click or a double-click. Single-click can be easier on the hands, but it can also lead to accidentally opening files.


Navigation pane lets you choose whether all files are displayed in File Explorer and whether files automatically expand.


Here’s what the folders look like before selecting Show All Folders.


Here it is after.


Click the View tab and you’ll have many options for customizing the folder display.


Click the Search tab to modify how your PC searches for files and folders. You can choose to search the fastest way or do more thorough searches that could take longer.  I like to turn on natural language search, as it allows you to search for files with conversational English.



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