Yahoo Mail Issues

A reader is having a lot of problems with Yahoo Mail:

“I can’t begin to describe how bad I detest the new Yahoo mail. I doesn’t delete properly it doesn’t open properly. 60% of the time it tries to email it to me from me rather than open up the mail the way it should. I was slammed into this !@W#E$R%T^Y&U*I( piece of trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there any way I can get the old Yahoo mail back? The old yahoo mail worked fine, I never had a problem with it! The “New” mail 50% of the time refuses to allow you to delete mail you do not want to read or have read or is spam,. Any ideas ?”

While there are some differences between hold and new Yahoo Mail, I don’t see very much difference in the way it functions on my end, so I wonder if the problem might not be with the browser you’re using to access it. The current version of Yahoo Mail no longer supports Internet Explorer 11. You may see this notice at the bottom of your screen.


Click the notice and you’ll see a notice to switch to another browser. Supported browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari. You’ll also see an option to click to switch back to Classic Mail.


If you don’t want to switch browsers, you can click the settings gear at the top-right of your Yahoo inbox and choose Switch back to classic Mail from the drop-down menu.


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