How to watch all the Marvel Universe

Marvel and Disney’s ambitious project to create a related universe of movies is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Black Panther and The Avengers: Infinity Wars are the two biggest grossing movies of the year so far and Ant-Man is going pretty well. And let’s not forget that there are several Marvel universe television shows. Now all of these movies will function as stand-alones, but they are much more enjoyable if you watch them in order. (Which isn’t necessarily in the order they were released.) Thankfully, there’s this handy guide that not only lists all 20 of the movies and TV shows in order but explains why some movies, like Deadpool, aren’t part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all.

This guide also highlights roles that have been recast with new actors, explains how the TV series tie into it all, and looks towards the future.

It’s a must for Marvel fans, and also a great way for someone who isn’t familiar with the series to dive in.

Click here to check it out:

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