Create a Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a good way to communicate with selected like-minded individuals. I belong to multiple Facebook groups. Some are large groups like one formed for people who grew up in my hometown. Others are small, private groups like one I created for classmates who studied General Secretarial Procedures with me in high school. Or you could create a small group just for family members to share photographs and family news. Let’s check out how to make one. You will need to have a Facebook account to start this. Open Facebook and click the arrow at the top right of the browser. Choose Create group from the drop-down menu.


The Create New Group window will open. My first step is always to determine the privacy of the group.


Click the drop-down arrow next to privacy and choose between a closed group, a closed group, or a public group. A Public group means that anyone can see posts made by the group.  A Closed group means that anyone can search for, see your group, and see who is in the group but they can only see posts if they’re added to the group. A Secret group is only visible to its members. It won’t show up in searches.


Then name your group. Now, it’s time to start adding members. Just start typing names of Friends into the box and select the people you want to add from the drop-down list.


You can add a note to let them know about the group.


To make your group easy to find on your Facebook Feed, click the option to pin to shortcuts.


Your group will then be easily visible in the left pane.


Then click Create. That’s all there is to it.


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