The Once and Future Book

I’m so excited to tell you about my new project that I can I can barely contain myself. First, I’m co-writing this project with one of my favorite mystery writers, New York Times and USA Today best-selling author, Emma Jameson. (Click here to learn more about her books)


Emma wrote a great description of our upcoming book, so I’ll share that with you here.

A Legendary Name

Mayor Dreama Avalon still loves her little town of Camelot, but she doesn’t like it. Not since the jobs died off, the drugs poured in, and hope for a brighter future dried up and blew away. Widowed early on, forty-something Dreama doesn’t believe she’ll ever find a man to match her beloved Beau. So she devotes herself to revitalizing Camelot instead. But when local beauty Gwennie Pritchard turns up dead in Dreama’s lake and the chief of police goes missing, it’s up to Dreama to catch a killer.

A Tragic Kingdom

Roy Pendragon is a haunted man. All his life he’s tried to escape his vivid dreams of a world on fire—a once-idyllic land torn by war and burned to the ground by betrayal. In his twenties he fought for his country overseas. Now in midlife, he’s ready for a new challenge: bringing justice to Dreama’s little corner of West Virginia as her handpicked chief of police.

Pendragon & Avalon, Book 1

Digging into Gwennie’s death, Dreama and Roy unearth secrets buried for over twenty years. Drugs have blighted Camelot and hopelessness has paralyzed the community, but the little town’s condition comes down to more than pushers and pill mills. It will take a woman of vision and a man of action to solve the mystery and restore the magic of Camelot, West Virginia.

CAMELOT WEST VIRGINIA is the first book in an enchanting new series of cozy mysteries. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Emma Jameson, known for her English mysteries, and American heartland mystery writer Cyn Mackley, author of the popular Goode-Grace series, have come together to create the Pendragon & Avalon Mysteries. Set in the Appalachian mountains, CAMELOT WEST VIRGINIA offers everything readers have come to expect from Jameson and Mackley: wit, warmth, engaging places and unforgettable characters.

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