This is a fun site that helps you make music while you type! Or you can paste in text and see what kind of music it makes based on the text.

When you arrive you’ll see a keyboard the left side of the screen with some buttons above it. The first button is info – it will take you to a page where you can watch a video that explains what Typatone is and how you can interact with it. The second button turns the sound on and off (for example, you might want to use this if you don’t want to hear tones while you’re typing in your text). The third button changes the tones that play when you type. The fourth button is the clipboard where you can paste text you’ve already written to hear what sort of song comes out of it. The fifth button allows you to share your message and song over Facebook, Twitter, Google, email, or with the embed code.

This is a really fun way to interact with your writing! Give it a go today!



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