Use one monitor for two computers

There’s a handy little device out there you might not know about. It’s called a KVM switch. With a KVM switch, two or more computers can share the same monitor and even the same mouse and keyboard.

I recently purchased a brand new Windows 10 desktop computer. My Windows 7 PC just doesn’t have the brain power to do some of the tasks I require now, but it’s still a pretty good computer.  (I also am running Photoshop CS3 on it. With the cost of the Creative Cloud subscription these days, I hesitate to give it up.)

My desk sure doesn’t have room for another monitor or keyboard setup. That’s where a KVM switch comes in handy.


The IOGear model pictured above costs between $40 and $50, but there are models for as little as $20 available. (With cheaper models you may have to provide your own cables). With this model, I plug the USB connections for the mouse and keyboard, and the monitor into the switch.


Then I connect the switch to the computers with both USB and VGA cables. I can then use a remote (or in some cases a button you press on the switch itself) to switch back and forth between computers. You can find KVM switches that work with Macs and you can also plug in a laptop.

There are models with more inputs that allow you to add more computers to the mix. When purchasing, always make sure to find out what cables are needed and if they’re included with the switch. If not, you’ll need to purchase separately.

You can also share printers, webcams, and other USB devices.

Click here to check out the model pictured:

There’s also a less expensive model for under $20 at this link:

And you can always do what I did and head to your locally-owned computer store. In addition to the KVM switch, you can also get a little guidance about cords etc…


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