Take control of the Win 10 Start Menu

A reader is not happy with the Start Menu in Windows 10. Can I do anything to help?

“RE: WIN 10 START MENU. Hate it. Cluttered with crap I never use, MS foistware I never ordered, and difficult to find what I’m actually looking for under in the long, long list. When I get time, I am going to get one of those programs that gives a “XP/Win7″ kind of menu. Have to find time to weed out the foistware also. Loaded with stuff I have never used, don’t want, don’t necessarily even know what it is. I don’t think like MS wants me to, and don’t do what it thinks I should. Don’t use its email, Edge, Skype, contacts, Calendar doesn’t work without contacts, hate the Win10 games, don’t want to subscribe to Office, etc. etc. etc. Do you have all day for this?”

I can’t do anything about which programs that Microsoft includes in Windows. Those programs are going to be there whether or not you get a skin that makes Windows 10 look like 7. But I can probably make your Start Menu a lot more manageable with a few simple tricks because it’s pretty darn customizable. Let’s take a look at the default look for the Start Menu. You’ll see Recently added apps and a list of all apps in alphabetical order.


A lot of people like this list. In fact, an all-apps feature was not originally offered in Windows 10, until users requested it. But if you don’t want to see all of the apps, here’s what to do.  Just type Start Settings in the search box and click on the result.

Windows 10-start-settings.jpg

Switch Show App List to the Off position.


Then you won’t see any listed programs when you open Start, but you will have an option to select All Apps if you need to see them.


My preference would be to leave the list of all apps alone. It can be a handy search too. What I like to to do is make sure Recently Added and Most Used apps are turned on. That way new programs and your go-to programs are featured at the top.


The apps you use most often will appear at the top of the menu.


The absolute easiest way to find programs in Windows 10 is to simply type in the name and click on the result or just say, “Hey Cortana, open…”





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