Windows 10 touchscreen help

A reader is having trouble adjusting to the touchscreen in Windows 10.

“You asked for our opinions regarding Windows 10. I am not doing well with it, and certainly am not thrilled with the start menu. The biggest trouble is I am diabetic and the touchscreen is not functional for me at all it seems. Do you know things about that? “

Luckily, I know quite a few things about it. And I have some suggestions.¬† At the top of that list is ye old stylus. You can get them pretty inexpensively just about anywhere and they are a good alternative for giving a hard push when your hand just doesn’t feel like it. Amazon has a 10-pack for 6 bucks, which you can click here to check out. But you can probably find one for a buck at your local gas station.

Another option is to just get yourself a mouse, if that’s practical. Any Windows 10 device should be compatible with any Bluetooth mouse. And remember, you can always use Cortana and just tell her to open programs, send emails, etc…

You might also have a hardware issue at play. You can calibrate a touch screen with a few simples steps.

Type Control Panel in the Search Box and click on the result.


Then select  Tablet PC Settings.


You can also search for Tablet PC Settings in the search box at the top right.


Under Mobile PC Display, select Calibrate.


Choose Touch Input.


You’ll have to grant permission to calibrate your device.


You’ll get the white screen shown below. Pardon the image quality, but my PC wouldn’t permit a screenshot while calibrating, so I grabbed my phone.


Just follow the instructions on the screen.


You follow the crosshair around the screen and tap where you see it on screen.


When it’s finished, choose to save the data.


Then tap OK.


If there’s anything else I can assist you with, let me know.

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