My screen keeps going to black

A reader is having an issue with her screensaver.

“When I leave my Windows 7 PC, my screen saver comes on but then goes black after several minutes. Previous to this happening, my screen saver stayed on all the time.”

First, we’re going to be safe and make sure you do have a screensaver selected. Type¬†Change screen saver into your search box and click on the result.


The Screen Saver Settings window will open. Make sure you have a screensaver selected and that it’s not set to none or black.


If you have an image selected, then click on Change power settings under Power management.


Click Choose when to turn off the display.


You may have your PC set to either turn off the display or go to sleep after a certain period of time.  Select a longer period of time from the drop-down menu or choose Never. Then hit Save changes.


Let me know if this takes care of the issue.


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