Driving Detective

We all know we should pay attention to the road instead of our phone while driving. But it’s hard not to be distracted if you hear a notification for an incoming call or text. And it’s not just looking down at the screen while driving that causes issues. Did you know that if you’re talking to someone while attempting a maneuver like a left turn, (a right turn in countries where you drive on the left side of the road) your brain can become overwhelmed to the point where it actually shuts down vital functions like peripheral vision?

There’s an app for your Android phone out there that can make sure you aren’t even tempted to pick up your phone while on the road. It’s called Driving Detective. It’s free from the Google Play store. Just tap the Play Store icon on your phone and search for Driving Detective.


The app is free, so all you’ll need to do is tap Install.


Driving Detective is able to detect when you’re in a moving vehicle and automatically silence any alerts while the vehicle is moving.


To set up Driving Detective, you’ll need to activate your phone’s Do Not Disturb feature. Click here to learn how to do that.  Then select App rule.


Choose Driving rule and Driving Detective.


Driving Detective does not use any GPS data to determine if you’re driving.

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