50 States, 50 Essential Movies

Rotten Tomatoes released a list of 50 essential movies, one for each state in the US. I’m sharing this list with you, because I thought it was really interesting what movies they paired with each state.

Navigation is easy peasy! Just scroll down through the list. The page starts with an introduction explaining how they picked the movies for each state, and then each entry explains how the movie represents the state its attached to.

I always start with Ohio, my home state, but you can start wherever you want.  The entries for Kansas and Oklahoma might surprise you! Go check it out for yourself today!



One thought on “50 States, 50 Essential Movies

  1. That was interesting, Cyn! I’d been wanting to visit Rotten Tomatoes for TV Movie reviews for some time. Now I know why! Great website for movie-lovers like myself. Thanks!

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