Where’d my PIN options go?

A reader is missing a convenient sign-in option for his PC.

“I have a question about win 10 64 bit. There was just an update this morning and now it will no longer take my pin code only my full password. Also, it takes twice as long from pushing power button for the dialogue box to type in the PW. Did Microsoft do away with the 4-digit pin code? I Love the newsletters keep em coming.”

I will surely keep them coming! The PIN option is still alive and well, I signed in with mine just before starting this article.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of the shots below. I couldn’t screenshot the log-in screen, so I resorted to phone camera pictures of a screen.

When you hit the log-on screen, it should look like this.


Click on Sign-in options.


You should see options for a PIN, which looks like a number pad, or a password.


Tap the number pad symbol on the left and you should get the box to log in with your PIN.


If you don’t see the PIN option, log in with your password. Go to the Start Menu and type Sign-in options in the search box. Click on the result.


Scroll down to PIN and make sure you have one enabled. If not, add your PIN.


If you have a PIN selected and you still aren’t seeing this option, try running the updates again. If you still aren’t seeing the option, try creating another user account and logging in with it. It’s possible your settings were corrupted during the update.


One thought on “Where’d my PIN options go?

  1. Thank you Cyn it does a fellow good to see his question as a headliner in your news letter.
    of course mine had to be the harder way of having to uninstall the update and redownload it then install it. But it worked great and im back up to speed also.
    thanks again cyn

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