Map Chart

Do you want to create your own custom map with the colors and description of your choice? Well, now you can! You can pick a base on the templates of World, Europe, Asia, The Americas, Africa, United States, and more!

I’ve wanted to map that tracks the travel I’ve done for work over the past year, so I started with the United States template. When you pick a template, you can change the background color, border color, fill color, and you can change the legend text. Those are steps 1 and 2, step 3 lets you preview your map, and then if you like it you can download it!

Also if you’re looking for inspiration for maps you could make and how you could use them, be sure to check out the Showcase!

This is a great site for teachers, kids, and everyone else!


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  1. Glad you shared this. Some of my grandkids have been sharing their travel experiences on Facebook. They will probably want to use this.

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