Free Online Crossword Puzzles

If you enjoy working crossword puzzles, you’ll love the USA Today crossword online. When you arrive at the site, you’ll have the choice between a regular level with hints or the expert level. You can change the level at any time while working the puzzle.


The online puzzle looks pretty much like the one you see in the paper.


Hints are shown at the left. You can scroll up and down to read them.


To enter a word, just click in the square. When going across you can just type it out.┬áIf you’re working down, you’ll need to click in the square each time.


When playing in the regular mode, incorrect letters will show up in red.


At the top right, you’ll see several options. If you prefer to print off a blank puzzle and work by hand, you can. Or you can print off a partially printed puzzle to finish. You can also print with the solution.


Click the hint box to change your level, get letter or word hints, or solve the puzzle.


Under the settings gear to can choose music, sound effects, whether you want mistakes to show or to reset the puzzle. You also have the choice if you want to show a clock timing your progress.


Click the puzzles icon to see how many puzzles you’ve completed and how long it took to finish. You can also scroll down to pick a new puzzle. Click the “i” icon to learn more about the rules.


You will see a video ad before gameplay begins as this is an ad-supported site. As long as you have cookies enabled, it will save your progress on the puzzle and be waiting for you next time you visit the site. Since this is an online game, you can play either on PC or Mac.

Click the link below to check it out.

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