Hidden favorites in Windows 10

Some of your favorite basic Windows programs can be a little bit hidden in Windows 10 if you’re looking for them on the alphabetical All Apps list.

There’s no basic Paint under P.


No WordPad under W.


But if I type the name of the program in the search box, there it is.


What gives? Microsoft has hidden away those popular apps under the letter W. Click the file called Windows Accessories.


There you’ll find a long list of programs. Character Map, Internet Explorer, Math Input Panel, Notepad, Paint, Print 3D, Quick Assist, Remote Desktop Connection, Snipping Tool, Steps Recorder, Windows Fax and Scan, WordPad, and XPS Viewer.


I often hear from folks who think these programs are missing from Windows 10. They’re not gone, just tucked away.

2 thoughts on “Hidden favorites in Windows 10

  1. What editing program is there to replace Windows Live Photo Gallery? It was the best free editing of all. It’s ‘straighten’ & ‘noise reduction’ options rival none. Also the photo labels were endless for identifying them. We want it back, Trish

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