I’ve suggested the free LibreOffice suite to you several times, but a reader has a question.

“If I uninstall the Word and Office 365 Personal from my computer, will the program of Libre Office Suite be able to open and read all of my Word documents? Do I need something else to read the Word documents?”

LibreOffice should be able to open any Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. Not only can you read them, you can still edit these files as well.

Here, I’ll open LibreOffice on my Mac. (LibreOffice is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.)


I’ll select Open File.


Select a Word document.


Then click Open.


Here’s my Word document open in LibreOffice.


When it’s time to save the document, click the Save icon at the top. Here, I’m choosing Save As.


I can save the document as a Word, Open Office, or other types of document.


To learn more about LibreOffice, click here.