Contacts for Mac Mail and Thunderbird

A reader has an issue with the Mail app on his Mac.

“I use the Mail app every day but I do not like the fact that you cannot go through a list of contacts and click on them to be included in an email like the Outlook Mail system works. Does the ‚ÄúThunderbird email program, work like the Outlook mail system as far as having a list of contacts to select and input into a new email?”

You are not alone in your dislike of the lack of an option for selecting multiple contacts in Mac’s Mail app.

In the Mac Mail app, you can use the + key to select contacts one at a time.


Or just start typing the names of contacts in the To: box and choose them one at a time from the drop-down menu.


If you have Thunderbird for Mac, you can open the address book. Then select the contacts you wish to send the email to by pressing the command key.


Any suggestions from readers on sending emails to multiple recipients on a Mac? Let us know in the comments.

To learn more about Thunderbird, click here. 


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