Flyways of the Americas

As fall approaches, I know that any day now I’ll see Vs of ducks and Canada Geese in the sky ready to take the trip south for the winter.

Ever since I watched the movie Winged Migration a few years back, I’ve been fascinated by the journeys that birds undertake in fall and spring. The Audubon Society has a fascinating site that puts the spotlight on the flyways of the Americas, tracking the journey that birds take from north to south and back again as the seasons change. Just

The site explores four flyways: Pacific, Central, Mississippi, and Atlantic through four different species of birds. Just click on the image of the bird to learn more about the flyway. More than 325 species birds use the Mississippi flyway to travel between Canada and the US down Mexico and Latin America every spring and fall.

In addition to tracking the paths of the birds, you’ll also find links to other interesting articles and videos about our feathered friends.

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