How To Build A Competiton-Ready Raspberry Pi Robot

This site has collected all the top resources you need to construct a competition-ready robot using Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is a small computer that you can use to learn how to program. They offer a great guide on how you can get started with Raspberry Pi and how it works.

When you arrive at the site you can simply scroll down the page to learn more about getting started with building robots! You’ll start in the Robotics 101 section and work your way through the linked (red) text on the page. Those links will take you to the resources you need to get started and prepare for robot battle!

Throughout the page, you’ll find examples of robots made with Raspberry Pi and you’ll learn more about PiWars where robots battle it out!

This is a really cool way to get interested in programming and would be a fun project to do with kids! Go check it out for yourself today!



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