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A reader wants some help searching for articles on our site:

“Could you please put in a “SEARCH” box to enable your readers to search for specific items? TECH TIP ARCHIVES makes you select by month. If you have no idea what month an article was in, you could spend hours going through each month’s articles. Maybe, there has been no article at all on the item picked. Thanks.”

Good news! We already have a search box feature on our website. Let’s check it out. On, we have two ways to search.


You can look through the Tech Tips Archives at the right.


You can click the drop-down menu to search by month and year.


Just click on the month of your choice to see all of the articles.


Or, click the magnifying glass icon at the very top right.


A search box will appear.


Type in the title, keyword, or category and press click on the magnifying glass.

coolsites, results.jpg


But I’ve also decided to make a change to the site and add an addition search box just above the archive.  I hope it helps.



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