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A reader is in search of a great Word Prediciton software.

I had a stroke MANY years ago and I got a HandiWord, a word prediction software that was gotten by Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation. The author AND company are no longer in existence! It has a ‘mini-screen’ predicting the words that I want to used. I got a Dell with Windows 10 last year, but it won’t take HandiWord! Sooooo, I have to used the Toshiba with Windows 7! Does Windows 10 have an app that does the word prediction OR someone else that has it? I am retired and live on Social Security, only, so I’m not willing to spend a lot for it.

First, if you have have access to a copy of the program, you could try running the compatibility troubleshooter in Windows 10. Click here to learn how that works.

Now, let’s check some programs that could help you out. If you’re using Microsoft Office programs like Word or Outlook, or using the Google Chrome browser, check out Lightkey.

The intuitive text prediction adapts to your typing speed and style.


You can click here to download the free edition:  https://www.lightkey.io/

Summit Soft offers Typing Assistant 8.3 as a free download. It works will all versions of Windows and is compatible with most programs that run in Windows. There’s even a portable version you can take with you an USB drive or use from Dropbox to use on other PCs.


Click here to check it out:  https://www.sumitsoft.com/

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