Windows 10: Where’s the clipboard?

I heard from a reader who wanted to know how to find the Clipboard in Windows 10. That’s an interesting question because you don’t really find the clipboard. It’s there. You can easily copy and paste with the same commands Windows has used for ages but you can’t view the contents unless you download a third-party application.

Fortunately, those applications are as easy to find at the Microsoft  Store. You can open the application on your PC by clicking the store icon.


Then search for “clipboard” in the store’s search box at the upper right.


You’ll see several results and most of them are free.


I’m going to check out Ditto Clipboard, since it has the best user rating. Click on Get to begin the download.


Once it installs, you can launch from the store or open by looking under your recently installed programs. When the program is open and active, you’ll see it in your System Tray.


Open it, and you’ll see your most recently copied items.


To paste an item from Ditto, double-click on it. It will paste in your most recently open windows. Click the 3-dot menu icon for more options.


You’ll see options to search for items saved in Ditto,¬† Quick Options for adjusting the display, the ability to import items into Ditto, and to delete data.


You can delete everything or filter by title, format, or date range.


You can also create specific clipboards and save them for specific tasks. All in all, a very useful program.







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