Can this gadget save your life?

Imagine a device that can monitor your heart without carrying an extra device around or even automatically sense when you fall and call for help when you fall without paying for an additional monthly service…

It already exists, and it’s the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is nifty, if expensive gadget. Hardcore Apple fans love these pricey iPhone accessories, others consider them an over-priced toy. But there’s no denying that some of the health tech in these devices is revolutionary and capable of saving lives. And for those of us, like me, that can’t figure out why you’d want a fancy watch when you already have a phone, it offers a real purpose for what otherwise might be an indulgent toy. Let’s check out what the Apple Watch 4 is capable of doing.


According to Apple, the latest version of the watch is “Part guardian, part guru.” Why? The watch will have a built-in ECG, which will act similarly to a single lead electrocardiogram with no extra equipment or wires required. It just sits there like a regular watch on your wrist. Users will be able to touch the crown of the watch with a finger for 30 seconds and instantly send information to their healthcare provider.

Medical professionals will be able to detect atrial fibrillation or irregular heart rhythm. The watch will also alert you if it notices a problem, so you’ll know it’s time to get help.


Your data will be stored in a health app that you can reference.  The ECG app will be available later in the year.



The watch now features fall detection. A gyroscope will sense if you’ve fallen and call for help if it doesn’t sense movement in 60 seconds. A call will be placed to emergency services and messages will be sent to your emergency contacts.


A special SOS feature will also allow call 9-1-1, notify your emergency contacts, and display your medical information on the watch screen for first responders to see. All of this without paying for a separate service.


Click here to learn more about the Apple Watch.

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