Time’s almost up for Flash Player

There’s a big change in the latest version of the Chrome browser that may annoy those who use websites that rely on Flash Player to display videos, games, or forms. Users will now have to give permission to run Flash Player every single time they visit a site each time they restart the browser.

Previously, you could give permission and that Chrome would remember that permission each time you visited. This is all part of the phasing out of Flash Player, which was pushed in large part by Google. Adobe will end support for Flash Player in 2020.  You’ll need to give similar permissions for Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Flash is what we call a “platform.”  That means that these games have been written in a language that only works with that platform. The commands written for a game program on the Flash platform will only work when you use the Flash program to play them.  If you want to create that game to work on another platform, you have to create that game over from scratch.

Most sites have already switched over to HTML5 or other platforms, though some sites either don’t care to change or can’t afford to. Switching platforms can be a complicated task. This will be most noticeable to folks who play Facebook games or games on sites like Pogo.

According to Google, less that 14% of folks who use the Chrome browser make daily visits to a site that uses Flash Player. So, many of you may not notice any change at all.


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