How to choose a camera

While many of us use our smartphone camera as a primary camera these days, there are a lot of circumstances where it’s just not good enough. If you’re interested in a more powerful camera, the myriad of choices out there can be downright confusing. I found a great site that looks at all of your options to help you decide which type of camera is best for your needs.

This comprehensive guide starts out by explaining the types of cameras available and goes into detail about the science behind cameras and why certain features like image stabilization and shutter speed matter more depending on your needs. It covers everything from simple point and shoot cameras to more advanced DSLR models.

Click the link below to become a much more informed consumer.



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  2. No, I use a Nikon D200 with a 18-300mm telephoto lens, exclusively. Usually ‘Auto’ setting as my hands and fingers are badly deformed due to arthritis & unable to change lens or settings. I take an average of 200-300 images per day. I don’t even know how to take a photo with my phone and those friends who send me photos, I do not know how to move them to my computer either. Thanks for asking, Trish

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